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Love your hot morning coffee?

So do I! The warm smell, the frothy artwork, the feeling of the hot mug between your hands and that first sip... All setting me up for a positive day ahead.


Coffee contains chlorogenic acid, which is a source of antioxidants and can aid in liver detoxification.

The quality and preparation of coffee is important to gain the health benefits that coffee has to offer.

☕ Buy organic - non-organic coffee is often heavily sprayed with harsh chemicals.

☕ Darker roasts have least amounts of caffeine.

☕ Use a metal filter to preserve the oils, which are the source of coffees antioxidants.

☕ Add fat to your coffee - will help to curb that jittery feeling. Examples: milk of your choice, tsp of ghee (clarified butter), grass-fed butter or coconut oil/ MCT oil if you're vegan.

🥥 MCT oil molecules are smaller than most fat particles making it easier to digest, can be quickly absorbed into the bloodstream and are less likely to be stored in the body as fat tissue. Ghee is also a healthy source of MCT's.

Coffee has it's cons:

☕It's highly addictive - moderate your intake or find appropriate personal intake.

☕Can cause spike in cortisol levels (main stress hormone), which can cause issues like weight gain, sleep disturbances, anxiety, PMS and increased blood pressure.

☕It is pitta aggravating (can cause hyperacidity) and is vata aggravating.

The main message here is to choose a morning beverage that is suitable and balancing for your individual health while also maintaining the rituals that you love.


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