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Boosting your immunity during COVID-19

Our immunity is an intricately complex system and keeping this system working efficiently involves many different approaches to the maintenance of your well-being.

However, simple approaches can make the world of difference. The knowledge of Ayurveda can be utilised to help take care of ourselves during this pandemic. Charaka (the Father of Ayurveda who wrote Charaka Samhita) mentioned that during pandemics like this, it is a great opportunity to be at home with family and it is a time that should be given to ourselves to go within and to follow our daily rituals/ routines.

Some tips include:

🔥Strengthen your digestion - choose foods that are easy to digest according to your digestive capabilities, eat your meals at regular times and include immune boosting foods in your diet such as flaxseed oil (omega 3's have anti-inflammatory properties), garlic (anti-bacterial & anti-viral) and light, colourful fruits and vegetables. Don't compromise on the quality of protein and fat in your diet to boost your immunity. Eat less cold, heavy or oily foods such as cheese, cream or fried foods.

😴 Get good quality sleep - between 6 to 8 hours.

🙏Have a daily routine - create stability with predictable self-care behaviours.

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