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What is Asteya?

The third of the yamas, meaning 'non-stealing'.

Asteya is so much more than not physically stealing something from someone else.

It means to abandon the intent to possess or steal anything - material, gift, relationship, success, time or natural resources - through force, deceit or exploitation, by actions, words or thoughts.

Desire or want is the cause for stealing. A lack of faith in ourselves to be able to create what we need gives rise to stealing.

Ways in which we might be stealing in daily life:

  1. When you wish you had the same ability, skill or thing as someone else.

  2. When you worry about the future or brood over the past.

  3. When you hold onto judgements about yourself or others.

  4. When you remain in your comfort zone.

We learn through the practice of Asteya that everything we need in life is already within us.

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