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What is the 6 taste diet?

According to Ayurveda, it is recommended to consume the 6 tastes throughout the day.

The 6 tastes are:

🍞 Sweet

🍋 Sour

🧂 Salty

🌶 Spicy

🍵 Bitter

🍌 Astringent

The meal in picture shows spicy scrambled tofu, salad with lemon and chapatis (Indian flatbread). This meal contains four of the tastes:

Sweet - chapati

Sour - lemon

Salty - olives

Spicy - spices with the tofu

To add bitter - green tea

Astringent - green beans

It would be difficult to combine all 6 tastes in every meal, so mixing 2 - 4 tastes per meal will help to maintain a balance in your Ayurvedic diet.

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