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What is the ideal morning routine according to Ayurveda?

What is the ideal morning routine, according to Ayurveda, to reduce stress and boost overall well-being?

A daily morning routine helps to establish balance and is useful for promoting many aspects of health and well-being.

According to Ayurveda, this is the ideal morning routine:

1. Wake before 4am or before the sun comes up.

2. Drink warm/ room temperature water - suitable for all doshas.

3. Sit in Malasana (Garland pose) for a few minutes to encourage bowel movement.

4. Brush teeth, clean tongue with a tongue scraper and do oil pulling, preferably with coconut oil.

5. Exercise (walk/ hike in nature or yoga practice) and balancing pranayama (breath control exercises), for example alternate nostril breathing.

6. Oil massage for vata types or exfoliation for kapha types.

7. Bath or shower.

8. Meditation (best done with a clean body and mind).

9. Breakfast - should be the most nourishing meal of the day.

Doing this, you will feel energised and motivated to face the day ahead💃🏻

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